Residents Show Off Their Talents In “Ageless Talent Show” Finals

Residents across various StoryPoint Group senior living communities participated in the first-ever Ageless Talent Show. Throughout the communities nationwide, residents rehearsed and perfected their acts, hoping to showcase their unique talents and passions during this talent show for seniors.

After weeks of practice and tough competition, the Ageless Talent Show finale at Independence Village of Brighton Valley was finally here. Five first-place winners had secured their spots, each bringing unique and exciting talents to the showcase.

Read on to find out who was named the final winner!

Yodeling To First Place In Senior Citizen Talent Show

The finale was well-attended by residents and friends and featured a short video highlighting the talents and performances of the finalists.

And it was time to crown the winner. 

To everyone’s surprise and delight, Bootsie Kawa of Independence Village of Brighton Valley was announced as the champion of the Ageless Talent Show. All five participants brought immense talent to the stage. It was a close competition, but Bootsie’s yodeling and acapella version of “I Want to be a Cowboy Sweetheart” with her daughter, Linda, won over the hearts of the judges and audience. 

Bootsie grew up with a love for music. As a child, she would hear her mother yodel around the house and, eventually, learned to yodel herself. Bootsie’s passion for music continued throughout her life. She joined a senior citizens center and took her talents on the road with their singing group, performing at various venues. She was married for 67 years and had three children. Now a resident of Independence Village, Bootsie was honored to bring her talents to the Ageless Talent Show.
Her victory is a testament to the fact that age is just a number, and anyone can pursue their passions and hobbies at any age. Her success has also brought joy and inspiration to other seniors living in StoryPoint Group communities.

There’s Always Something Exciting Exciting Going On

The senior talent show is just one of the many activities and events residents can participate in at StoryPoint Group senior living communities. Each offers various recreational and social activities to keep residents engaged and connected. 

If you’d like to learn more about upcoming events and tour one of our communities, give us a call!